Being separated from your loved one is incredibly stressful.

As can a looming visa deadline, worrying that you or your partner might be sent home.

A Partner Visa solves these problems.

As migration agents, we work with many people who are desperate to bring their partner to Australia. They miss them terribly and they really can’t afford the time – or the emotional burden – of a visa rejection. 

But there is one thing many people get stuck on. 

How do I prove my relationship is ‘genuine and continuing’?

One of the key elements to your Partner Visa application is demonstrating this to the Department of Home Affairs.

But how? What does love look like on paper? What documents will the Department need to be satisfied?

Genuine and continuing – what does this mean?

In the initial stages of your Partner Visa Application, the Department considers four factors when determining whether or not a relationship is ‘genuine and continuing’.

Every relationship is different. Everyone’s love looks different. It’s about more than a marriage certificate and some photos. You’ll need to go deeper to show how your relationship with your partner works.

But – there is also such a thing as providing TOO many documents.  More is not always better Lots of bank statements, pictures and receipts don’t necessarily prove a genuine relationship. . 

You need to provide the right documents that meet the criteria. Here are some pointers to help you cover the four factors.


This is a relatively easy one to collect as couples usually accumulate many documents showing that they live at the same address.

These might include:

  • Bills – Electricity, internet, rates, water – any household bill that has both of your names on it – or several different bills for the same address with one name on each. 
  • Driver licence – or another official form of identity with your home address on it.
  • Insurance – Home or contents insurance will have your home address listed in the policy.
  • General Correspondence – any letters or statements that include your name and home address.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all of these items – a migration agent can tell you when you have enough evidence to satisfy the requirements or suggest alternatives. 

Joint financial commitment

Demonstrating joint financial commitment is about more than joint bank accounts. Every relationship has a different financial arrangement, designed to suit their circumstances.

It’s about clearly detailing your arrangement with your partner – and why you have done it this way, then providing evidence to back that up.

For example, one person may be paying the mortgage and other loans, while the other buys groceries or pays the bills. Or you may have children, and one partner might be the majority wage earner, while the other is the primary caregiver.

This is all ok! Every relationship is unique. What you need to do for your visa is 

  1. explain why your financial situation is structured this way and 
  2. how you manage your expenses together. 

You may also be able to provide the following .

  • receipts for purchases that are in both names. This might be a car, or a computer, furniture or appliances – anything with both of your names on the receipt.
  • joint bank statements
  • Wills, superannuation statements or other documents where you indicate a financial benefit to your partner. 

Social recognition

For this factor you will provide evidence that you are recognised as a couple by family, friends and by others .

Items you may include here are:

  • Photos (think about family functions, parties and other events where you are with other people, you as a couple at identifiable locations)
  • Joint travel records 
  • Invitations addressed to both of you
  • Detailed statements from friends and family members

Including specific details will help personal statements from family and friends carry more weight. If you search through your emails and social media accounts to confirm dates and other details, this goes a long way towards ensuring accuracy.

Commitment to each other

This is an area which can vary greatly. Cultural differences and personal preference mean commitment can look very different from one couple to another. 

Therefore, the most important documents to include to demonstrate commitment are statutory declarations from you and your partner 

These statements should include things like:

  • Relationship milestones – how you met, have you introduced your partner to your parents, or significant people in your life? 
  • Challenges you have overcome together – show how you support each other.
  • Your plans for the future – are you working to buy a house? To start a family? What are your dreams?

Consistency is crucial. The statements needs to be compatible with each other.

What is ‘enough’ evidence?

Always remember – your application is being processed by an actual person. 

This person has been trained to look for specific things. They will be frustrated if they have to read irrelevant documents or those that are not explained 

On the other hand, there are some essentials that absolutely need to be included. Failure to provide these will result in a rejection.

Nobody wants this!

At Aspire Australia, we go above and beyond just telling you what documents need to be included.  

We start by devising with you the best strategy to meet your needs. We will then manage the application at all stages of the process. We create and adapt your checklist to take into account your specific circumstances. We then help you put together the statutory declarations, to make sure they cover the important aspects of your relationship, we manage your forms, instruct you about the public interest criteria. 

We support you through the process from beginning to end- overcoming any challenges, and celebrating with you on approval. We love seeing our clients reunited with their loved ones!

If you want peace of mind that your application has the best chance of success, we would love to be your guide.

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