At Aspire Australia, we pride ourselves on helping individuals and families navigate the often complex and daunting process of Australian migration. Our commitment to our clients extends far beyond the initial migration process, as evidenced by our recent experience with a former client, Smita, who first came to us in 2008. Now an Australian citizen, Smita reached out to us with a heartfelt request: she wanted to invite her brother from India to visit her in Australia.

The dangers of DIY Visa applications

Smita and her brother initially took on the application process independently. Unfortunately, the application was rejected. The case officer cited concerns that the applicant did not have “strong employment or economic incentives to return to India at the end of their proposed stay in Australia.” The decision was influenced by assumptions about the “low earnings” achievable in India, leading to doubts about the genuine nature of the visit. The fear was that the applicant might seek employment without permission or overstay his visa despite being invited by his sister.

When Smita approached us with this challenge, we were ready to advocate on her behalf. We meticulously compiled evidence of his life and employment in India, emphasising his family responsibilities. Furthermore, we disclosed the profound reasons for his intended travel: to provide moral and family support to his sister, who, due to her children’s education and her work commitments, could not travel to India herself.

Despite the detailed evidence, however, that application was also refused. The reasons echoed the initial rejection, stating the applicant needed to demonstrate sufficiently strong personal, economic, financial, family, employment, or other commitments that would provide incentives to depart Australia at the end of the proposed visit. 

Such feedback, while disheartening, is not uncommon in the migration process. It highlighted a common issue where decisions sometimes feel unsupported and overly generic.

Tenacity and Expertise pays dividends

Despite these setbacks, we were not willing to give up. Understanding the importance of the family reunion and the genuine intention behind the visit, we decided to reapply, this time in the sponsored family category. This strategic shift allowed us to present an ‘apparently’ stronger case on behalf of Smita’s brother, and we argued that facts did not support the reasons for the preceding decisions. 

Our detailed and compassionate approach paid off. The visa was approved for three months – without needing to pay any bond – allowing Smita and her brother to reunite in Australia. This outcome was a win for our client and a testament to the importance of perseverance, the right strategy, and a deep understanding of the migration process.

Navigating Australia's Tourist Visa Process

At Aspire Australia, this experience reinforces our belief in the power of advocacy and personalised support. Migration is more than just paperwork; it’s about people, dreams, and the unbreakable bonds of family. We’re so pleased to play a part in bringing families together and ensuring that our clients’ journeys, no matter how challenging, can have a happy ending.


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