Successful Steps on the Path to Australian Migration

Don’t risk getting the door slammed shut!

Whilst we love working with clients with a fresh slate, we also have clients come to us after they have tried to do their visa application themselves, only to have it rejected by the Department.  On examination, we can see that they started off with the wrong strategy and they were doomed to fail. It is so frustrating for us, as migration professionals, to see opportunities lost, merely because of lack of initial, competent migration advice.

This is why it is so important that you speak with a registered migration agent like  our very own Migration SuperHero, Sarah Gillis, to ensure that you are on the right track from the very beginning. 

Think of this in this way, imagine if you had a sore throat, cough and fever, would you only rely on information on the internet to diagnose whether or not you have the Covid-19 Coronavirus? Or would you go and get tested by a medical professional with all the tools and equipment available to analyse your tissue sample?

Well it is exactly the same when it comes to migration advice. 

This is your life we are talking about, your future in Australia. Would you lay the foundation for your migration strategy with information and ‘advice’ gained just from your own research and Facebook groups?

Maybe. But is the risk worth it?

Some DIY visa applicants are proud of the fact that they have not used a registered migration agent to help them with their visa application, especially in the Partner visa sector, where the lodgement fee is high and forking out additional funds for migration advice and support is seen as something to be avoided.

But, is it?

Every single case is different and has its own twists and turns related to your specific circumstances. 

Believe me, we have read the questions that are asked in Facebook groups. Some questions are very basic. And yet the person asking does not know the answer. What happens when the questions get complicated? Oh yes, we have read those complicated questions too, and wonder why on earth the person asking is willing to rely on anonymous advice when that person has no investment in the outcome.

And for those not relying on ‘advice’ from Facebook groups but are going completely solo, let me ask: Do you know how to navigate through the maze of migration law and policy to find your answer? 

What if your pathway is too tricky with a variety of hurdles in your way (age, work, study). Whilst a migration Facebook group might have some of the basic questions covered, who do you turn to when things get tough? How will you prepare an approval-ready application if you try and do everything yourself?

Even the Department of Home Affairs website (or their phone help line) is there only to provide information and not advice. 

Whilst you may do some initial research over the internet to gain background information, that is not the same thing as obtaining independent, tailored,  professional advice based on a thorough knowledge of Australian migration law and years of experience.   

So, let’s get this straight, getting initial migration advice is just non-negotiable

You need someone with the right skills, experience and advice in your corner. 

The very first step on the path to a successful migration outcome for Australia is a paid appointment with Sarah. Your investment of $225 will be well worth it, not only because of our unique MAP: Migration Action Plan that you receive, but also the knowledgeable sounding board that Aspire Australia provides you as we work through your next steps. 

That is why we are Migration SuperHeroes.

OK, you say, I am thinking about booking an appointment, but what bang do I get for my buck? 

Well, we are all about transparency, so here’s what you get:

  1. To advise you accurately, we need raw material. Prior to the Appointment, you will complete a detailed Questionnaire, providing us with complete and accurate details about yourself.

    This is a critical first step and cannot be missed. We cannot stress this enough.

    For those who are committed to their dreams of Down Under (we love  you!), the completed Questionnaire will be thoroughly reviewed and options researched by Sarah before your appointment, so you can get down to the nitty gritty during your session.
  2. During your 45-minute face-to-face Zoom session with Sarah, we will spend a little time getting to know you and discovering your goals.Sarah will then delve into uncovering your visa options, discussing which suits you best and developing your strategic MAP: Migration Action Plan. By the end of the session you will understand the process, costs and time frames and have your questions answered..
  1. But wait, there’s more! Following your session, you will receive:

    –  a link to the recording of your appointment with us. The session will be jam-packed with good information and advice ,  and we know it can be a lot to take in and remember.You can review the recording at your leisure.–  your MAP – Migration Action Plan.  As with any map, your Aspire Australia: Migration Action Plan shows you a direct route but also allows for side trips and diversions along the way. It provides you with the pathway to follow to ensure your migration success.– A proposal outlining how we might work together to bring you a successful visa outcome.
  2. Finally, having reviewed your appointment recording and read your MAP: Migration Action Plan you still have the chance to revert to Sarah by email with any questions that arise. That’s right, we don’t just leave you hanging!

You now have everything you need to turn your dream into a reality. 

Want in? 

Book your Appointment now

Your appointment is the 1st step on our 7-Step Proven Pathway to successful migration to Australia. 

The journey can be long and arduous. We offer you the guidance and support from a Migration SuperHero and her team to help you make it through. 

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Go on, take that first step and book your appointment.

Your dream of a new life in Australia starts here and it starts now.