Navigating the complex and often overwhelming immigration process can be a daunting task. The process involves extensive paperwork, detailed documentation, and a range of legal procedures, which can be challenging for individuals to undertake on their own. This is where migration agents come in. We provide expert advice, guidance, and assistance to people looking to migrate Down Under!  All migration agents, however,  are not created equal! When looking for a migration agent, there are several factors to consider. In this article, we will explore these factors and why they are crucial to finding the right migration agent for your needs.

In January 2023, the media reported a very sad case of a man who was forced to leave Australia, his wife and three  children after the migration agent he had elected to work with had allegedly failed to properly lodge his Partner visa on time. As a Registered Migration Agent of many years’ experience, I am always very sad to hear these stories; , if only they had chosen the right migration agent! Every industry will have examples of processes being ignored or not followed, or individuals who simply don’t do a good job. This incident is a timely reminder of how important it is to choose wisely the migration agent that you trust with your life changing visa application process. 

So what should you look for when choosing a migration agent? In this article I outline 8 key areas that you need to consider and briefly outline how Aspire Australia approaches these points. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and ethical approach to all that we do, we value the trust our clients place in us. 


First and foremost, it is important to ensure that the migration agent you choose is registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). This is a government body that regulates the migration advice industry in Australia. Registered migration agents are required to meet certain professional standards and comply with the Code of Conduct set by OMARA. They are also required to have adequate insurance to protect their clients in case of negligence or malpractice. View my personal registration number here, MARN 9359588. We subscribe to the Migration Agents code of conduct and also provide links to this and the Consumer Guide on our website. 


Experience is a key factor to consider when choosing a migration agent. Look for an agent who has experience in handling cases similar to yours. For instance, if you are looking to migrate for work purposes, look for an agent with experience in employment-based immigration. Similarly, if you are seeking family-based immigration, find an agent with experience in family sponsorship. Experienced agents will have a better understanding of the immigration laws and regulations, which can be beneficial to your case. We have several client case studies on our website that highlight our areas of expertise. 


Reputation is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a migration agent. We encourage our clients to review some of the great feedback we have received from happy clients, both on our website, as well as independent reviews found on Google Reviews. We also get many referrals from past clients for their family and friends who also are wanting to make the journey to Australia. We believe that this steady stream of referrals are some of the strongest reputational cues that exist. 


Effective communication is essential when dealing with a migration agent. A good migration agent should be able to communicate clearly and keep you informed throughout the process. We follow a 7-Step Proven Pathway framework. This framework guides our process with you and keeps you in the loop of what happens next. From our initial meeting, to crafting your case, closing any gaps, the submission, the waiting and celebration and beyond, we keep you informed at every step. Each of these touchpoints means that our communication processes are built into our everyday work plan – it’s second nature to us!


It goes without saying that the migration agent you choose should be knowledgeable and professional in their dealings with clients and the immigration authorities. It is worth repeating, however, because I want to stress how important this actually is.  Your chosen migration agent should have a good understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding migration and should be able to navigate the complex legal procedures with ease. As a migration agent of 25+ years standing, my background and professional qualifications are in Migration Law and they run deep. You can read more about my full background here now.


It is important to understand the fees charged by migration agents and what is included in the fee. Fees can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the services provided. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the fee structure before signing any agreements. It is also important to understand how much work the agent is actually doing for the fee charged. We outline everything you need to know in terms of fees and disbursements, once we have identified a strong visa pathway for you.


The level of service provided by a migration agent is also important. Ensure that the agent is responsive and provides good customer service. They should be available to answer your questions and provide updates on your case. Look for an agent who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure your case is successful. A good migration agent should be willing to provide guidance and support throughout the entire immigration process.

As migration SuperHeroes, we like to go above and beyond in everything we do for our clients. We don’t just leave you floundering to get information , we outline everything you need to collect from the very beginning as part of your starter pack,  and my team and I are on hand at every step to explain any questions and help you gather what you need to progress your application. Service and the Strategy go hand in hand to ensure that you are application ready, the first time!


Lastly, consider the success rate of the migration agent in achieving positive outcomes for their clients. At Aspire Australia, we are honest and up front in all our dealings. I believe that it is a privilege to be allowed into each client’s life, unraveling their personal stories and helping them fulfill their dreams of living and working in Australia and tackle each case with enthusiasm and care.  Most importantly, I believe that just because it has never been done, DOESN’T MEAN IT CAN’T BE DONE! We love the rules, because they show us the pathway of possible. 

At Aspire Australia,  we stand by our record of success and we would love to help you achieve your dream of living and working Down Under!

We promise to 

  • PUSH the frontiers!
  • CHAMPION your cause!
  • use our EXPERTISE to find a solution for you!

Are you ready to work with a Migration SuperHero?