Anyone who has applied for an Australian visa before knows it is a huge undertaking. With usually only one chance, everything rides on getting it right the first time.

And getting it right requires commitment, time, attention to detail – and knowledge of Australian Migration Law.

Can you tick all those boxes?

If not, then you really do need a Registered Migration Agent.

Let’s demystify the role of the Registered Migration Agent and show you the value of having a professional on your team, helping you towards your Australian dream.


What does it take to become a Registered Migration Agent?

From go to whoa, it usually takes an absolute minimum of 15 months (but more likely two years) to become registered as a Migration Agent.

So, it’s safe to say – we know our stuff.

Take a look at some of the steps involved.

Candidates must:

  • study a University-level Graduate Diploma in Migration Law. Consisting of six subjects completed over 1 – 1.5 years, a course will generally cost $2 200
  • sit both a lengthy written examination and an oral exam. Exams are run four times per year, and students have only three attempts to pass. If any section is failed, then the entire test needs to be re-sat in the next round. The cost is close to $3 000.
  • meet Proficient English requirements (any budding skilled migrant will know about this!), for example achieving IELTS 7.
  • obtain police checks for countries in which they have resided
  • apply for registration

Once registered, a migration agent must:

  1. maintain a professional library
  2. maintain current knowledge through a minimum of 15 hours Continuing Professional Development activities each year
  3. be able to understand and apply complex legislation consisting of:
  • the Migration Act, containing over 500 sections
  • the Migration Regulations containing 5 parts and 13 schedules
  • Migration policy which runs to hundreds of pages
  • The Citizenship Act, Regulations, Instructions
  • other legal instruments, ministerial directives
  • knowledge of skills assessing authorities across a range of more than 300 occupations
  • other allied legislation, international obligations (international trade agreements, conventions etc)

As you can see, Registered Migration Agents invest much time, money and effort into equipping themselves with the knowledge and tools required to help guide their clients through the migration process.

And why do they do it? Because they want to help intending migrants to find the correct pathway that will allow them to achieve their dream of living and working in Australia.


What should you expect from a Registered Migration Agent?

Selecting a Migration Agent is a matter of personal choice.

You must trust that your adviser knows the law inside-out and can adapt to the ever-changing visa landscape. You must have confidence that they can support you during the process.

A competent Migration Agent will:

  • analyse your situation and provide you with advice and information
  • develop the best strategy to meet your needs
  • advise you regarding the appropriate evidence to provide
  • guide and assist you to build your application before lodging with the Department of Home Affairs
  • guide you through an appeals process, if necessary

With often only one opportunity to get it right, it’s essential that you get the right advice, the first time.


Why Us?

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