The story of how Aspire Australia helped a Mother reunite with her son


Their story: Virginia was a single mother living in her home country of Mauritius when her son Garrett decided to move to Australia as an international student. She was very happy for him and excited for the opportunities that awaited him!

Upon graduating from his double degree, he decided he wanted to remain in this wonderful country. He contacted Aspire Australia, who helped him successfully apply for his Permanent Residence. 

Virginia is a believer in dreams – and miracles. When her son was granted PR, she saw it as a sign that her dream of living in a large land with many opportunities could come true, for herself and for her daughter Claudia, still living with her in Mauritius.

Virginia got Aspire Australia’s contact details from Garrett and, even after that first conversation, knew that Sarah was the right person to help her and her daughter through the process. 

In describing her first conversation with Sarah, Virginia says ‘I understand why she is a Migration Superhero. All my hopes and dreams were suddenly a real possibility. She didn’t make any false promises, she was extremely professional – but she helped me see it was possible for me and my daughter to move to Australia to be with Garrett.’

And so, Virginia’s migration journey began. 


Challenges and Solutions

Challenge One: Which Pathway?

Whilst the basic criterion for a Parent visa (do you have at least half your children residing lawfully and permanently in Australia?) is not complicated, choosing the appropriate pathway to take can be confusing.

We helped Virginia navigate her options, which were 

  1. Apply for the Standard Parent visa offshore and wait many years for a visa, by which time Claudia would be too old to be included and would need to apply for her own visa (if she were to also settle in Australia.) Claudia would have to first obtain at least three years’ work experience to apply for a Skilled visa, or else apply as a single person for a Remaining Relative visa – and wait another 10-20 years.
  2. Wait until Virginia was ‘aged’ in order to apply onshore in Australia – with the same issue for Claudia as above
  3. Pay the high cost fee to fast track her approval through the Contributory category

Virginia decided that due to her age (she was 60 years old) she didn’t want to put her dreams off. She decided to take the shorter – but more expensive – pathway so that she could reunite her family in Australia. 

Challenge Two: The Process

Aspire Australia helped Virginia with her application for the two-stage of the Parent Contributory Visa. 

We helped her demonstrate that she met the Balance of Family Test, and organised sponsorship by her son. The application was lodged in June 2014.

At the time, it was expected the application would take two to four years to process. As Claudia would soon be turning 18,  we advised Virginia on how she could ensure Claudia stayed as a dependent on her application – by keeping her enrolled in full-time studies. Claudia was studying Patisserie in Mauritius and so was keen to continue her studies.

It was a long wait for the outcome but Sarah was there providing continuous reassurance and support.

Finally, the initial visa was approved in November 2016 and Virginia and Claudia could travel to Australia as residents! 

The second stage of the application was lodged in December 2016, and permanent residence was finally granted in April 2018! There were celebrations all round.


A Happy Outcome

Virginia and Claudia have joined Garrett as permanent residents. They are waiting to be eligible to apply for their citizenship – at the end of this year.

Claudia met a lovely partner and continued her Patisserie studies. She is now a very successful pastry chef.

Virginia is a manager for a billion dollar company – and has even just obtained her real estate license – just for fun! She has met some amazing people, and has never looked back. 


Let Us Guide Your Migration Journey

We are in it for the long haul.

Our favourite client is the one with whom we can go on a journey. From the very first guided steps, we love to make the complexity of migration simple, by caring for you at each step of the way. And to share the joy when you achieve your dream of living and working in Australia!

At Aspire Australia, we work with many people hoping to live and work in Australia. With 30 years of experience and 99% success rate, your future in Australia is safe in our hands.

Everyone’s story is different and each situation demands a unique strategy. To obtain your very own step by step MAP: Migration Action Plan, we invite you to book an appointment with our Migration SuperHero, Sarah Gillis. 

We look forward to one day sharing your Australian visa story!