New 6-Part Video Training Course:

Demystifying the TSS programme - What’s involved and how to go about it


482 VISA

Do you need to place international skilled staff in your business quickly?  

 But you don’t know whether they are eligible to be sponsored or how to even start? 

You already have enough paperwork on your desk, this is not the time to start researching. 

You might even be wondering: How can I possibly manage the whole process? 

Too hard, too complicated?

To help cut through the red tape and to give you all the essentials

Aspire Australia is offering a FREE 6-Part Video Training Series

Specifically designed for the harried HR Manager or busy Business Owner, this 6-

Part Video Series will give you the information and tools you need to make decisions 

and move forward with successful sponsorships

Made up of 6 short (5-minute) daily videos, with FREE BONUS Worksheets, you will 

learn all you need to know to get a 482 nomination off the ground

Here's what we’ll cover...

VIDEO ONE: Who can you sponsor?

+ Which occupations are available?  

+ Which occupation suits your position?  

+ Specific requirements for certain occupations.  

+ How long will the visa be valid?

VIDEO TWO: Labour Market Testing

+ Why is labour market testing required?  

+ Does it apply or is there an exemptions available? 

+ The When, What and How 

VIDEO THREE: What you need to pay your nominee     

+ Minimum salary requirements  

+ Equivalent Aussies  

+ Evidencing your claim  

VIDEO FOUR: Is your candidate eligible?

+ Skill levels 

+ Employment requirements 

+ English threshhold 


VIDEO FIVE: Putting it together & lodging an application  

+ Collating your evidence  

+ Fees and Charges 

+ Who pays what? 

VIDEO SIX: What's Next after the 482 Visa

✔ How to identify sponsorship-ready candidates.

✔ How to use 482 sponsorship as part of a recruitment strategy.   

✔ What are the criteria, time frame and costs involved?

✔ How you can simplify your life and access expertise.

By the end of the series you will know....

PLUS you will receive BONUS FREE resources and access to Founder & Chief Dream Weaver Sarah Gillis  

Register NOW for IMMEDIATE access to Video One  

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Get to know your trainer, FOUNDER & CHIEF DREAM WEAVER

 Sarah Gillis LIB, JP (100651), FIMA, RMA (9359588)

Hello! I am Sarah Gillis, the Founder of Aspire Australia and its Chief Dream Weaver! Yes, that’s right, I weave dreams for people who long to live and work in Australia!    

Having worked in this industry for more than 25 years, I’ve uncovered all the holes and hurdles that stand in the way of a successful 482 sponsorship.   

Working with business owners and HR Managers, I know how important it is for you to have certainty when entering into the sponsorship process.    

Through this six-part video series, you will have access to the detailed information you need to self-assess your candidate’s eligibility and move forward with a decision-ready nomination.   

I am sure you will find the content valuable and I look forward to talking to you soon.

Sarah Gillis 

Founder & Chief Dream Weaver 

Aspire Australia