They say time flies when you’re having fun.

Well it’s safe to say, as we celebrate 21 years of Aspire Australia, we feel so privileged to have helped so many of our clients and their families achieve their dreams of living and working in Australia, and it has been ‘fun’. 

Whilst it seems a little longer ago than ‘yesterday’ that I opened my own migration consultancy – at that time a law firm under the name Sarah Gillis & Associates – it certainly does not seem like 21 years!

With this exciting milestone in mind, I have spent some time reflecting on my time as a Migration Agent; the wins, the challenges – and why we are still here. 

I realized that one word sums up Aspire Australia and the way we do things.

This word represents the core values we hold. It reflects not only how we serve you but also how you can best serve yourself and lead you to success in your own migration process.

The word?


Tenacity encompasses determination, persistence, resilience, doggedness, strength of purpose. It is the dog with a bone. It’s a child learning to walk. It has a sense of Aussie ‘true grit’.

For me, tenacity is a part of both my personal and business personae. 

Here is how tenacity plays out in our migration work – from our perspective, and yours.


I trust my knowledge and skill – after all these years as a Migration Agent. I trust that my experience will enable me to find the best solution for my clients. 

I have absolute faith in the abilities of each person in my team – and I know they will enable me to find the best solution for my clients. 

And our customers can trust we have given our best efforts and done absolutely everything we can to achieve a successful result. 


I throw myself into my work with vigour – just ask our clients ?.

From the minute I meet a new client, I make it a priority to get to know every detail about their case so that I can design a strategy that will lead them to their goal.

Often when people come to me, they are anxious and looking for assurances. I make it my business to demonstrate my tenacity to them. I am the person in their corner, who won’t give up when things get tough. 

I won’t let them lose hope.


I ask myself: What is the next thing I have to do to move  this application forward?

One of my favourite things is a checklist, getting a secret thrill from crossing out my completed actions!


Action provides forward momentum.

I understand my clients need to see progress, they need to see their dream coming closer.  That can only be achieved through right actions.


With a goal and a focus, I am doggedly committed to doing what it takes to achieve a positive outcome. 

From the minute we begin working together, I am committed to your case. I take this commitment very seriously and I am invested in your success. 


I do what I say I will do. I will never promise what I can’t guarantee to deliver.

The Aspire Australia team shows a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles. 

We don’t mind pushing the boundaries but we will never break the rules.


Along with fairness, I hold this value highly and expect it of all those around me.

If I believe your case does not hold legal merit – I will be honest with you. I will not lead you down the garden path to rejection. 


Having been tenacious all the way through, I love to celebrate the win with our clients!

After what is sometimes months, or even years,  of hard work – this is our favourite part of the process! 

We love hearing the happy stories from previous clients, who send us pictures of them living their dream here in Australia. 

A Migration Agent you can trust

I see strong parallels between my definition of tenacity and the journey of a prospective migrant.

Let’s not beat around the bush, the Australian visa process is difficult. Applicants have to struggle through an often confusing process to achieve the Golden Ticket – an Aussie visa.

We take it upon ourselves to lessen the load and act as your guide – as well as your advocate. 

Everyone’s story is different, and each situation demands a unique strategy. 

To obtain your very own step by step MAP: Migration Action Plan, I invite you to Book an Appointment with me. 

Open the doors to all the possibilities available to you, with Aspire Australia in your corner.