Aspire Australia’s signature 7-Step Proven Pathway combines everything we’ve learned from 30 years’ industry experience about achieving a successful visa or sponsorship outcome.

We’ve designed a pathway that ensures you have complete peace of mind as we manage your process from beginning to end.

With a 99% success rate and over 3000 delighted customers, this is our 'superpower!’



Tell us what you'd like to achieve and what your plans are, and we'll tell you if it's possible and how you should go about it.
Provide us with the proposed position description, location and salary plus the candidate's resume and we'll deliver a 3-point report covering:

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    Nominated Position

    An analysis of the tasks, skills and qualifications required against the skilled occupations lists, identifying suitable occupations.

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    Market Salary

    Research from within your business and the marketplace to determine whether the proposed salary will meet market salary criteria.

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    Candidate Suitability

    An analysis of the candidate's qualifications, work experience, skills, English language ability and Australian visa history against legislative requirements and the position description.

We will propose a solution, flag any issues and set a strategy for moving forward.


Once we understand your business and your requirements, we'll provide you with a tailored Start-up Kit to help you gather the data and documents we need prepare a decision-ready application.
We'll use our experience, knowledge and legal-analysis skills to anticipate any hot spots and construct a water-tight application that's approval-ready.


By the time you receive your pre-lodgement package for checking, we will have convered off the following:

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    Position Description

    We develop the job description in alignment with skilled occupations lists, clarifying skills and qualifications required.

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    Market Salary

    We conduct research of the job market, wages and skills shortages and we analyse and produce a Market Salary Report justifying the salary offered.

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    Organisation Chart

    We prepare your organisational chart and check the visas of all non-resident employees.

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    Training Benchmark

    We analyse your training history, source courses and training modules, make an investment in an acceptable industry training fund and prepare a Training Statement.

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    Employment Contracts

    We customise your in-house contract to meet legislative requirements or draft a letter of engagement for your review.

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    Equivalent Terms of Employement

    We analyse your standard terms, conduct research, provide advice and prepare supporting statements.

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    Labour Market Testing

    Where required we will draft an advertisement and schedule placement, provide you with a spreadsheet for analysis of candidates for interview, research market conditions and prepare a Labour Market Research Report..

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    Skills Assessment for Candidates

    We prepare these for your candidate where necessary, guiding and assisting in the drafting of a resume, references and submissions addressing the eligibility criteria.

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    English Language

    We advise your nominee and family members of English requirements.

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    We help your nominee through the settling-in process by providing access to a range of resources.

At every step we manage quality control. We'll then provide you with your pre-lodgement package to thoroughly check and approve for submission to the Department of Immigration.


Our specialist lodgement clerk will carefully collate your material to submit electronically to the Department of Immigration, ensuring that all documents and data are provided and your application is decision-ready, that means a quicker outcome!


We don't stop at lodgement! We represent you through the whole process, liaising with the Department of Immigration and other bodies, saving you time and worry. You have us there on your team to advise you along the way and you can access us at any time.
You can refer to our FAQs, read our case studies and join our private corporate Facebook Group where you can read stories from other businesses, ask questions, learn tips and share in our community.


We love making that phone call to tell you that your application has been approved!

Our follow-up email will explain the outcome to you, and will provide you with information to set you on your way.

We'll wrap up any loose ends, answer your questions and provide additional advice and guidance by meeting with you and your approved nominee.

Half-yearly, we'll invite you to participate in our Corporate Round Table events, A small gathering of business owners and executives, just like yourself, you will have a chance to share your experiences and learn from the experiences of others, access the Aspire Australia team to answer any niggling concerns, hear about any migration law changes that may affect your business and nominees and gain insight into a range of topics from our expert guest speakers.


As we've seen half of all approved business sponsors monitored and more than 10% visited on-site by the Department of Immigration within the first year, our Platinum service ensures that you have everything in place to be 100% compliant in these circumstances

We'll explain your obligations, break down the complexities and provide you with easy-to-understand analysis, advice and assistance.

We will train your key staff to:

  • Meet your business sponsorship obligations
  • Record and retain the necessary information
  • Inform the Department of Immigration of notifiable events within required timeframes
  • Regularly self-audit your compliance activities

You will receive:

  • A check list of 'to do' and 'alert' items for your nominee's personnel file
  • Email bulletins updating you on any changes to sponsorship, nomination and visa criteria
  • Unlimited access to Aspire Australia's professional team
  • Reminders when new documents are needed for a nominee's personnel file
  • Reminders about training expenditure deadlines
  • Assistance and liaison support for handling monitoring requests from the Department of Immigration
  • Help to access the Department's Visa Entitlement Verification Online reports